What we do


What we do

The Philippines has prevalent issues we have yet to resolve. As we envision our nation towards progress and development, along-side fast-paced technological advancements, SariSari Inc. aims to maximize our resources — human, technology, and community, in aid of reinforcing and stabilizing our economic growth and status.

Together, there is no way to go but forward.

Empowered Filipino. Better Philippines.

SariSari Inc. was a fruit of an initiative to create plan of action and devise effective technological advancements to respond to specific problems of today.

We would like to recognize the indispensable contributions of our modern-day heroes – the Filipino entrepreneurs (EntrePinoys), and every Filipinos, which paved the way for economic growth and continuous nation building.

We know how important family is for Filipinos and so we designed a way for OFWs to bring them closer to their homes and loved ones with just a few clicks (SariSariStore.com).

SariSari also empowers EntrePinoys with our passion to have them connected worldwide while maximizing technology. It is giving them the advantage of competing in the online trade and to showcase our original and locally-made products in all parts of the globe (1780 by SariSari).

And now, we hope to make every Filipino’s life easier by rediscovering and improving ways on how to use their time and money by providing quality, fast, and efficient on-demand delivery service (Transportr).

We are one with every Filipino to make our nation a better place.

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